Newborn neo-restraints ensure safe transfer

22 August 2011

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Birmingham Women’s hospital, which serves as a regional referral centre for women in the West Midlands, has successfully introduced new Neo-Restraints for the safe transfer of sick and critically-ill babies.

Birmingham Women’s Hospitals’ neonatal unit, which works in conjunction with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, cares for the highest number of small and sick babies in the region. The unit requires safety devices for use between 16 different West Midlands hospitals. Since they were introduced in 2010, more than 1,300 babies have been safely transferred using ParAid Medical’s Neo-Restraint.

Jacky Harrison a Neonatal Transport Nurse at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, said: “I’ve found that there is nothing comparable to these restraints on the market currently. The restraints are integral to our care unit; they are lightweight, they keep babies in the correct, safe and comfortable position during transit and are easy to clean.”

The Neo-Restraint has been designed for babies during transportation by air or road to hospital. It can support babies of 500g to 6kg baby safely and comfortably.

Six dual density foam wedges can be configured in any position along the incubator mattress. Securing straps pass over each pair of foam wedges resulting in a soft, yet rigid structure, which can accommodate any size of neonate in any position, exerting minimal pressure on their fragile frame. Neo-Restraints are light-weight, compatible with the most common transport incubators and padded for the comfort of babies during transit.

Darryl Smith, Operations Director at ParAid Medical, said: “We are very proud of the innovative and safe transportation solutions we offer to a variety of hospitals and transport services. We are pleased that our Neo-Restraints are proving to be a huge success in improving transport safety of premature and sick babies to specialist units. We feel honoured to provide products which help Birmingham Women’s Hospital serve West Midlands families.”

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