Paraid Team Introduction

22 July 2020

Meet the Key Members of our Team

As a recognised leader and specialist in the field of patient transportation solutions, Paraid has been working closely with various healthcare professionals in NHS trusts, ambulance services and hospitals for more than 35 years. Paraid has a proud heritage in developing trusted and innovative patient safety solutions to support emergency services as well as neonatal, paediatric and critical care teams.
Paraid’s unique set of capabilities comes from a blend of in-house expertise, with highly-skilled designers, field technicians and production teams – backed up by world-class manufacturing technologies.


Etienne Ricoux - Head of Paraid

With 20 years’ experience in various industries, Etienne Ricoux joined Evac Chair International at the start of the year and has since been managing the Paraid division and developing a solid Business Plan in order to strengthen the presence of Paraid, not only in the UK but also in other countries worldwide. Personable, hardworking and a team player, Etienne foresees the Paraid brand to be the go-to place for the public and private health services when it comes to patient transportation.
In his spare time, Etienne enjoys football coaching and playing tennis and golf as well as jogging and dog walking. He is also learning the art of woodworking.


Steve Jinks - Product Development Manager/ Design Engineer

Innovative, problem-solver and passionate, Steve Jinks has been working as a Product Development Manager and Design Engineer for the past 17 years.
With a wealth of experience in the medical equipment industry developing Paraid’s critical care trolleys, Steve always strives for quality and the innovation of products in order to enable transport teams to offer the best possible care to their patients. He envisages Paraid taking neonatal transport to the next level within the next few years, and being the go-to product for critical care transport certainly in the UK and hopefully beyond.
Away from the office, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, sports and watching a good film with a takeaway!


Dean Partridge - Paraid Engineer

With 22 years’ experience as a welder/fabricator in various industries, Dean Partridge has been working for the company for over 3 years, and specifically on Paraid’s Transporter+ trolleys for the last 2 years and a half. With the quality of the products and service always in mind, Dean coordinates the stock control of parts and assembly of Paraid’s critical care system trolleys as well as working with the research and development department to help develop new products. Dean attends hospitals to carry out servicing and maintenance on Transporter+ trolleys that have been in use for some time. As a fabricator, he is working on Paraid products both in manufacturing and assembly.
Adaptable, competent and reliable, Dean is a big fan of music and likes to see live acts whenever possible, he enjoys audio books and podcasts and can generally be found in the sci-fi/fantasy section. 

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