New rough terrain trolley

10 November 2009

ParAid Medical has just developed a rough terrain trolley for Sheffield Children’s Hospital to assist with the smooth and speedy transfer of air ambulance patients. Martin Quinton explained, “ As the paediatric intensive care technician at the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, I am involved in our patient transport service, working recently with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. To enable their air ambulance team to land in the park opposite our hospital, we needed a trolley that would allow us to move a patient from the air ambulance in the park across the road and into our hospital.” ParAid developed an extremely robust rough terrain trolley that easily traverses grass, gravel and uneven ground providing a quick, safe and smooth journey for patient and handling crews. It is constructed from stainless steel with wide pneumatic-tyred wheels and is designed for all-weather dependable outdoor use, 365 days a year The trolley has a patient handling capacity of 200kg and is extremely easy to use because it was designed in consultation with the hospital’s patient handling professionals. Practical features were incorporated like a telescopic IV pole; a fold out D/E size oxygen cylinder; an equipment shelf that folds away when not in use and storage space for accessories and vital documents. It also has foot and hand brakes and castor direction locks, and a flat, rubber covered lying area measuring 2000mm by 600mm with three restraining belts to secure the patient on a stretcher or spine board. Martin Quinton added, “We have a good working relationship with ParAid Medical. The trolley is very robust and a lot of design features were built into it for us to make it easy and practical to use outside on even surfaces.” The rough terrain trolley is now part of ParAid Medical’s portfolio of emergency mobility and transportation solutions for the medical, safety and care sector.

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